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Welcome ! ::: MEGURO, as for that the Japanese vintage motorcycle ::: During internet page releasing !

Hello ! I am the MEGURO WORKS.
With this internet page, the motorcycle which was made by the MEGURO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. which is the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer which past exists mainly, the vintage motorcycle is introduced.
The MEGURO, approximately 30 years, made the motorcycle from 1930 age when the motorcycle starts being made in Japan.
The MEGURO starts making the European motorcycle in reference, but in Japan it grew in one of the prominent motorcycle manufacturer eventually with individual technology.
But, in the Japanese market being small-sized, the high performance the Japanese make motorcycle became popularity, the MEGURO which is the product where the large-sized motorcycle of European style is main lost itself market and in 1964 bankruptcy and the everything of that were absorbed in the KAWASAKI.
The motorcycle of the KAWASAKI being the technology of the MEGURO it could advance rapidly in the foundation, is not overstatement.
With this internet page, the MEGURO motorcycle which was created in the period when the MEGURO exists is made to know in order, releases the explanation, the history, and the photograph.
Please in reference of motorcycle research, or we want enjoying to with hobby.


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 Motorcycle of MEGURO 
Aerodynamic volume displacement class
Type designation

650cc T1・Senia

650cc T2・Senia


500cc Z97

500cc (600cc) Z98〜Z
(To 1950s type)

500cc Z2

500cc Z3

500cc Z5

500cc Z6

500cc Z7・Stamina

500cc K・Stamina

500cc KS・MEGURO Stamina-Sports


350cc Y・Rex

350cc Y2・Rex

350cc FY

350cc YA・Argos

350cc Argos-Sports

300cc (250cc) J3・Junior

300cc J3A・Junior

300cc J−8・Argos

250cc J・Junior

250cc J2・Junior

250cc S・Junior

250cc S2・Junior

250cc S3・Junior

250cc  F

250cc S5・Junior

250cc S7・Junior

250cc S−8・Junior

250cc AT・Autoruck



170cc DA・Ranger

125cc E1・Regina

125cc E2・Regina

125cc E3

125cc CA・Cadet

125cc CAS・Cadet-Sports

50cc MA・Amica

50cc MAS・Amica-Sports

Racing Works・

Racing Works・

Racing Works・

Racing Works・

Racing Works・

Racing Works・

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 History of MEGURO WORKS 
1896 2,March ・Khoji Suzuki is born in Numazu Shizuoka Japan.
He was the first executive director in "Meguro Works".   
After a second president of "Meguro Works", later became chairman of "Kawasaki-Meguro".
Meguro first president: Nobuji Murata (Enji Murata), along with founding the "Meguro Works".
"Meguro Works" raised as a partner.
Was born engineer, was demonstrated excellent management skills and financial savvy.
1900 1,April ・Nobuji Murata (Enji Murata) is born in Ashikaga Tochigi Japan.
"Meguro Works" founder, first president.
Before World War II through the postwar period, Japan's leading motorcycle manufacturers built up as the "Meguro Works".
1915 Spring ・Murata is, employment in Azabu Tokyo,"Tomono Ironworks".
Under management's Naoji Tomono, to learn the techniques of the engine.
Tomono was Japan's leading engine technology of the time.
1921 - ・Introduction of Tomono, Murata was started by an engine plant leaves as manager of Earl-Katsu.
Earl-Katsu (Kuwashi Katsu) is the implementation of Japan's last Shogun: Yoshinobu Tokugawa, Kaisyu Katsu (one of the beginnings of modern Japan), who was adopted.
1922 June ・The name of the plant, "Murata Ironworks" instead of independence from "Tomono Ironworks".
However, a substantial owner was Earl-Katsu.
・Khoji Suzuki, is joined "Murata Ironworks".
He was a military engineer of the Imperial Japanese Navy- Uraga Dock, Kanagawa Japan.
1923 - ・"Musashino industry" at the request of, starting as an expression pedal for the bike, 60cc: 2cycle engine producing 100 units.
1924 - ・Earl-Katsu and businessman friend (Masao Shibusawa, Ryouzoh Asano) in investment by, and "Harley-Davidson" motorcycle model the 1200cc class, made three prototypes.
"Giant" is named as fails to produce a defect in the performance commercialized.
1924 Spring ・Murata and Suzuki, Earl-Katsu attempt to separate from.
・Suzuki, "Murata Ironworks" retired.   
Immediately, funded by Murata and Suzuki, "Suzuki Ironworks" was established the Osaki Tokyo.
1924 August ・With the understanding of Earl-Katsu, Murata independent.   
"Murata Ironworks" to shut down.
・Murata is "Suzuki Ironworks" to join in, "Meguro Works" will be renamed to.
Close to the factory "Meguro" that there are many derived from the name of the facility arrives.
1925 - ・Primarily automobile repair, sales activities begin.
・"Maruishi Co." At the request of manufacturing spare parts for British "Triumph" motorcycle.
Expand the production of engine components gradually.
1926 - ・"Motor Company" at the request of motorcycle "MSA" gearbox manufacturing.
Referring to the products developed by British "Sturmey-Archer", a successful commercialization.
1927 - ・"Meguro gearbox" as a successful branding.   
Made in Japan, known as a manufacturer of gearbox.
・First in the world, small car with reverse gear (tricycle) to successfully develop and commercialize for the gearbox (-transmission).
1930 - ・The revision of road traffic regulations, which become mandatory with the transmission in reverse gear with a small car.
Meguro had succeeded in developing so quickly, a small car (tricycle) became the leading manufacturer of transmissions for.
・"Meguro gearbox" Many companies appear to produce imitation, and to oppose measures for enhancing plant.
・The major suppliers "Futaba-Ya" and the influence of the Great Depression bankruptcy, and losses.
1931 14,June ・Factory fire damage occurred from the neighborhood (office building burnt down) to receive.
Rebuild the factory on fire insurance had been subscribed.
Promote the enhancement and modernization of plant and expanding the site around the same time.
1931 - ・Chain-driven differential to successfully develop and commercialize.
1932 - ・"NIPPON-NAINENKI" at the request of the military sidecar "Kurogane" of 1200cc, producing a gearbox delivery.
1932 November ・"Hyogo Motor Works" at the request of a small three-wheeled vehicle "HMC" engine manufacture.
Swiss "Motosacoche" of "MAG" engine (498cc single-cylinder OHV 4cycle) to successfully develop and commercialize a reference.
・For engine manufacturers, specialized manufacturing company "Showa Machinery" to establish.
Murata's brother served as a manager.
1933 - ・Of road traffic legislation, the amendment of the small car segment, four-stroke engine exhaust capacity limit, is expanded to 750cc.
Improve the (bore up) the OHV 598cc single-cylinder engine was manufactured, with reference to the Swiss "Motosacoche" D50 engine.
In addition, OHV 655cc single-cylinder engine with a longer stroke was also produced.
In addition, the small car segment adapted to the amendment of legislation, he completed a 750cc water-cooled OHV 4cycle two-cylinder 45 °V engine.
・Differential shaft driven for a small three-wheeled vehicles has developed a product fails to do.
Sales fell into a slump with a small three-wheeled vehicles of this differential, the manufacturer's "Motor Company" to go bankrupt.
1934 - ・The plant, "Gleason bevel gear shapers" that introduces a bevel gear cutting machine at the time the latest.
Thus, improving the driving shaft of a differential equation for a small three-wheeled vehicles developed in the previous year and successfully commercialized.
And with the latest equipment and technology, "Meguro Works" is now often get inquiries from small automotive industry.
・"Tokyo Motor Equipment Manufacturing Association" at the request of, the production of prototype motorcycle gearbox for producing pure Japanese.
The name "AIKOKU" as the two prototypes were completed.
Not practical, however, net of Japanese motorcycle manufacturing plan was interrupted.
1934 October ・Motorcycle Racing will be held in Tokyo, Inokashira Park.
Meguro, participation and to develop a single-cylinder 498cc petrol engine type MAG: OHV 4cycle for small car, equipped with a gearbox type Meguro, a works-racer motorcycle.
As Japanese motorcycles became the prize of the best second place.
Later, to participate in motorcycle racing for many in Japan, winning repeatedly.
1934 November ・At the request of the "Tokyo Auto manufacturing" and parts manufacturing "Tsukuba" small passenger car market by the system FF: Front-engine Front-drive (engine, transmission, differential gear on).
:OHV 4cycle water-cooled 750cc twin-cylinder 45°vee-engine
:Three speed transmission type Meguro
:Differential device shaft drive system
1935 - ・Since performance in motorcycle racing was excellent, organized the manufacture and sale of commercial motorcycles.
The engine was equipped with a single-cylinder 498cc OHV 4cycle type MAG, the gearbox (-transmission) type Meguro.
On the recommendation of Kenzo Tada (who participated in the Isle of Man TT races the first Japanese), the frame, and the reference was to buy a "Velocette" KSS model was imported in stock motorcycle shop he manages.
Development, Fumio Hino has primarily responsible.
He has moved from "Motor Company" was bankruptcy.
1937 March ・It is completed, "Meguro" Z97, and the first commercially available product Meguro motorcycle.
It departs the complete reception at "Gajoen" in Meguro Tokyo, in addition to those involved peers, invited a newspaper reporter and influential people from all walks of life, strive to promote the "Meguro motorcycle".
1938 - ・Manufactures and sells the Z98 was a refinement of the "Meguro" Z97.
In the Z98, we prepare a new 600cc model in addition to the existing 500cc model.
・At the request of the "Tomono Ironworks", producing a water-cooled 4cycle in-line 4cylinder engine for the generator.
1939 - ・Meguro, 10 motorcycles is employed to obtain a high reputation in the examination of the Metropolitan Police Department for traffic patrol.
・At the request of the "Showa-yoko", a prototype of a 100cc single cylinder 2cycle bikes.
For mass production of this bike, in Numazu Shizuoka Japan, Meguro founded the "Showa Works" joint venture "Meguro Works" and "Showa-yoko".
Nephew of Khoji Suzuki chaired by the factory.
"Showa Works" is working as a motorcycle manufacturer independent after World War II, went bankrupt in 1960.
Then, I go into a subsidiary of "Yamaha Motor", still working as a parts manufacturer.
1939 11,February ・Reorganized the company as legal entity "Meguro Works", and
Nobuji Murata the President, Khoji Suzuki served as the executive director respectively.
1940 - ・Conducted a survey on the performance of military diversion, "Meguro" Z98 500cc Technology Division at the request of the Japanese Army.
It is deemed to be excellent, as the use of military motorcycle was shelved.
1941 - ・With the state of the war of World War II, production and sales of civilian motorcycles in Japan is regulated.
To stop the sale of "Meguro" Z98 For this reason, it is devoted to the manufacture of gasoline engine parts on the military.
1941 January ・Participate in the delegation to Indonesia that aims to promote the introduction and marketing of industrial products in Japan.
In order to attempt to bring the export of "Meguro" Z98, but get a good reputation in the field, the export business was abandoned due to the worsening war situation.
1943 January ・The outbreak of World War II (Asia), worked as a munitions factory.
The acquisition of equipment for the expansion of munitions production, was in Omori Tokyo "Tanaka Tool-Works", was "Meguro Works: Omori factory".
"Tanaka Tool-Works" is moved to Chiba Japan, gains based on site, became "Tanaka industry" as a motorcycle manufacturer after World War II.
・The worsening war situation of the war, the evacuation plan evacuation of plant equipment.
1944 - ・Evacuation of the plant as the destination for the head office in Tokyo, to build factories relocated to acquire warehouse of Japan Tobacco Public Corporation, Karasuyama Tochigi Japan.
I was a "Meguro Works: Karasuyama factory".
・Evacuation of the plant as a destination, move the plant to Itsukaichi Tokyo.
1945 May ・Attacks by the U.S. military air raids on Tokyo, Omori factory and headquarters plant in Tokyo disaster.
1945 August ・With the end of the war on August 15, for all production items were military product, "Meguro Works" is briefly interrupted production activities.
・Karasuyama factory will be temporarily closed, workers were laid off and leave the other 20 people personnel backlog.
1946 February ・From "Toyo Seiki", production orders transmission of "Orient" small three-wheeled vehicle.
1947 - ・The decision by the reconstruction motorcycle manufacturing, begin preparing for the resumption of the project.
1948 - ・Dismantling of the Group is carried out by the instruction General Headquarters (GHQ), of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, antitrust law has been enforced.
"Showa Works" since it was spun off from "Meguro Works".
1948 May ・Started selling type "Meguro" Z, 500cc model then resume production motorcycle.
・Established formed the "Association of Meguro", Meguro motorcycle dealer organization.
1949 - ・"Kamiyama Syokai" of general agency nationwide wholesale destination was in place to "Association of Meguro", bankruptcy because of the downturn.
Therefore, the system anew national general agency, instead of the regional wholesale to the general agent, was reorganized into "Meguro national meeting" new reseller organization.
1950 - ・From the U.S. military, the police patrol for Okinawa Ryukyu government, which was under the rule of the United States at that time, will be delivered by the United States in the trade to obtain orders of 20 units "Meguro" Z, 500cc.
"Meguro Works" was exported for the first post-war period.
・The bankruptcy of "Toyo Seiki", ending the transmission of manufacturing orders "Orient" small three-wheeled vehicle.
・Rihathi Abe was an officer of the "Meguro Works" is independent, entrepreneurial motorcycle manufacturer "Abe motor".
・From "Abe motor", bike manufacturing orders 150cc 4cycle single-cylinder engine.
This engine was so well received, for bike manufacturers emerging sold as BHK engine.
1950 October ・Motorcycle racing gambling held by Motorbike Racing Law of Japan, begins.
The excellent results obtained to develop racing bike, "Meguro Works" is active since.
1950 November ・Started selling type J, 250cc model.
Named "Junior".
Type J, was Japan's first 250cc motorcycle.
1951 - ・Fujio Murata is a motorcycle manufacturer entrepreneurship "Monarch Motor".
Fujio is son-in-law of Nobuji Murata.
A manufacturer of motorcycle and was referring to "Velocette" English, I got a good reputation in that style and performance.
1951 January ・Started selling type "Meguro" Z2, 500cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved the specifications telescopic front fork of type Z, 500cc model.
1951 April ・For the production of cast parts, to establish a "Meguro Alloy Foundry" specialty manufacturing company.
・For the production of frames, to establish a "Yamato Works" professional manufacturing company.
1951 December ・Started selling type "Junior" J2, 250cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved stroke-bore of type J, 250cc model.
1952 April ・Started selling type "Meguro" Z3, 500cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved specifications plunger rear suspension of Z2, 500cc model.
1952 August ・Started selling type "Junior" J3, 300cc model.
I was a motorcycle that increased the engine bore of J2, 250cc model.
1953 February ・Started selling type "Meguro" Z5, 500cc model.
Was a new motorcycle that has improved overall since the specifications of Z97, 500cc model.
・Rotary (-shift pattern) type gearbox (-transmission) development for the world's first motorcycle, adopted in Z5.
Become popular, I is used as a transmission of many professional motorcycle then.
1953 April ・Started selling type "Junior" S, 250cc model.
Classification method of Japanese car, mini-cars became so to 250cc, 250cc model newly developed to improve the type J3.
Since, S type series became a long-selling series that continues to form
・Started selling type "Junior" J3A, 300cc model.
It was a traditional motorcycle J3 type, equipped with an increase in the bore of the engine for the S type of 250cc.
1953 August ・Started selling type "Rex" Y, 350cc model.
Be aware of the new development model advanced models, specifications and low prices were 500cc Z5.
Became popular with the equipment of the Z5.
1954 February ・Moto-GP in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the participation Honda.
However, cause a rollover accident during practice at the circuit, and miss the finals.
1954 April ・Started selling type "Junior" S2, 250cc model.
Motorcycle was to improve the design of type S, equipped with a rotary type gearbox.
1954 13,May ・Held a memorial event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its founding.
1955 May ・Started selling type "Meguro" Z6, 500cc model.
Was to improve the specification motorcycle wheel hub full width of Z5, with improved performance.
The 500cc Z6, was adopted by a police motorcycle for the first time after the war.
1955 June ・Started selling type "Regina" E1, 125cc model.
125cc motorcycle was the first model by Meguro brand.
1955 July ・Started selling type "Senia" T1, 650cc model.
Meguro superlative model of the brand.
Was a motorcycle that was developed by referring to the "Triumph" in the UK.
1955 November ・Will be held in endurance road racing motorcycle (1st- Asama Highlands Race) Kita-karuizawa Gunma Japan.
Meguro was participating in the works racer in the category of 500cc, could not prize.
For the production of pressed parts, to establish a "Meguro Bankin Kogyo" specialty sheet metal manufacturing company.
1956 March ・Started selling type "Junior" S3, 250cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved the design specifications and the full width of the wheel hub S2.
Then, 31,370 units have been manufactured in the year '59 as the best-selling model, it was sold in Meguro most.
1956 April ・Started selling type "Stamina" Z7, 500cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved the design and specifications of the swing arm rear suspension Z6.
・Named "Stamina" by public offering the nickname 500cc Z7.
Then, also be employed for the police motorcycle as a representative of Meguro brand.
Gaining popularity is manufactured until the year '60.
1956 October ・In order to streamline the painting process, to establish a "Meguro Paint Industry" professional company.
1957 April ・Started selling type "Rex" Y2, 350cc model.
That you have configured in the rear frame steel plate stamping features.
Was a motorcycle that has improved the design and specifications of the swing arm rear suspension type Y.
・Adopted in the engine cylinder of Y2 the "Sendaite-metal" special steel manufacturing process.
Durability of the engine is improved since, then adopted Meguro motorcycle brand.
1957 May ・Started selling type "Senia" T2, 650cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved the design and specifications of the bodywork T1.
Along with the 500cc Z7, was also adopted in the police motorcycle.
・Started selling type "Regina" E2, 125cc model.
Was a motorcycle that has improved the design and specifications of the bodywork E1.
1957 October ・Will be held in endurance road racing motorcycle (2nd- Asama Highlands Race) Kita-karuizawa Gunma Japan.
Meguro, participation in the works racer in the category of 500cc and other.
I played the second place and won first place.
1958 June ・Started selling type E3, 125cc model.
SOHC spec motorcycle was newly developed.
I appeared to move away from Meguro motorcycle brands, innovative design.
However, from the user's Meguro support can not be obtained, it was unpopular.
1958 July ・Started selling type F, 250cc model.
Has been developed based on the motorcycle that won the "2nd-Asama Highlands Race", motorcycle specifications SOHC.
However, from the user's Meguro support can not be obtained, it was unpopular.
1958 August ・Open to the public stock market and listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1958 November ・Participate in the delegation of the Japan Small-Automobile Manufacturers Association to Southeast Asia.
Advertising and sales of Japanese motorcycles was a purpose.
Meguro brings the F, 250cc and Z7, 500cc, acclaimed at the site.
1959 April ・Started selling type YF, 325cc model.
Was a motorcycle equipped with an increase in the engine bore of F, 250cc model.
However, from the user's Meguro support can not be obtained, it was unpopular.
1959 September ・Started selling type "Junior" S5, 250cc model.
Improved the design of F, and engine of S3, he was a motorcycle specifications OHV.
Become popular with users who are not satisfied with the F, 4,889 units were produced in four months.
・Started selling type "Argus" YA, 325cc model.
It was a motorcycle that has improved specifications scrambler sport from YF, 325cc model.
1960 January ・Started selling type "Junior" S7, 250cc model.
Motorcycle was based on the design of the S5, we improve the specification swing arm rear suspension.
In July, improvements have been made again, change to the electrical equipment 12v from 6v-DC, became the starting cell motor.
Then, 24,000 units have been manufactured and sold by the year 1963 as a popular model next to "Junior" S3.
・Started selling type "Cadet" CA, 125cc model.
Was the development of new European-style motorcycle specifications OHV.
Then, as the 125cc motorcycle of Meguro is a popular model for the first time, I was sold until the year '64.
1960 February ・Participate in the delegation of the Japan Small-Automobile Manufacturers Association to Latin America.
Advertising and sales of Japanese motorcycles was a purpose.
Meguro brings the YA, 325cc model, acclaimed at the site.
1960 July ・Started selling type "Ranger" DA, 170cc model.
Was a motorcycle equipped with an increase in the engine bore of CA, 125cc model.
1960 October ・Started selling type "Stamina" KH (1K), 500cc model.
That integrates the specification of the T2, 650cc model and Z7, 500cc model, was a newly developed two-cylinder OHV motorcycle.
Since the performance was greatly improved, it has become the mainstay of police motorcycle.
Because the style is similar to A7 of "BSA" British, and there is an image of imitated in Europe and the USA.
1960 11,November ・Financial condition of the "MEGURO MANUFACTURING" has deteriorated.
Therefore, we decided to tie up with "Kawasaki Aircraft" (current,"KHI") under the guidance of the bank.
1961 February ・Based on the business alliance with Kawasaki, I began to rationalize the business.
As a result, the labor wage negotiations with trade unions broke down.
And the main factory and Karasuyama factory, went on strike with a lockout.
Known as the "Dispute Meguro incident", became the obstacle of motorcycle production, until December of the same year.
1961 29,March ・Nobuji Murata, the founder president "Meguro Works" is died.
1961 August ・Based on the business alliance with Kawasaki, Meguro motorcycle to "Kawasaki auto sales" will be wholesale.
Along with this, Meguro motorcycle dealer is buying from "Kawasaki Auto Sales".
1962 6,February ・The new plant was completed in Yokohama.
I was moved to close down the factory headquarters in Tokyo.
Was left in the Tokyo head office functions, other former factory site was sold to "Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales".
1962 2,March ・Fire occurred in the Yokohama factory.
Affected by the disaster (burned down the office building).
Since motorcycle factory building escape a fire, there was no difficulty in the production.
1962 30,May ・Nobuji Murata, because the former president died, Khoji Suzuki, on behalf of the president was appointed.
1962 June ・Closing the "Showa Machinery" manufacturing company specializing in engine.
Engine production was transferred to the Karasuyama factory from September.
・Closing the "Yamato Works" of manufacturing company specializing in the frame.
Frame production was transferred to the Yokohama factory from December.
1962 1,November ・Renamed the "KAWASAKI-MEGURO MANUFACTURING" from "MEGURO MANUFACTURING" company name.
The new president, it was decided that Hidetoshi Tsuchizaki, from officers "Kawasaki Aircraft" will serve concurrently.
"Kawasaki Aircraft" is holding half of the shares, from February of the following year.
And "Kawasaki-Meguro" entering the group of Kawasaki.
1962 29,November ・It Khoji Suzuki, was the previous president as chairman.
1962 December ・Started selling type "Autoruck" AT, 250cc model.
Combining the specifications of the S7, and design of the S3, has been improved small-diameter (10in) rear wheels, it was a motorcycle for transporting luggage.
・Started selling type "Junior" S-8, 250cc model.
The final model in the series "Junior" type S.
It was a motorcycle that has improved by combining the specifications of the S7, and design of the S3.
Become popular with users who expect the resale of S3, production was up in 1964.
1963 - ・Towards the Tokyo Olympics, mass-produced the "Stamina" KP (1K-P) 500cc model, the police motorcycle for security.
・In order to organize the "Kawasaki-Meguro", decided integrate absorbed "Kawasaki Aircraft".
1964 February ・Closure to stop the work at the Karasuyama factory.
The work was transferred to the Akashi factory of "Kawasaki Aircraft" Hyogo Japan.
1964 September ・Started selling type SGT, 250cc model.
Was a European-style motorcycle, OHV specifications that have been newly developed.
Meguro's last as the motorcycle, were sold by the year '65.
1964 30,September ・Closure to stop the work at the Yokohama factory.
The work was transferred to the Akashi factory of "Kawasaki Aircraft".
・"Kawasaki-Meguro" stopped the business, was integrated into the "Kawasaki Aircraft".
1964 December ・Started selling type SG, 250cc model.
It was a motorcycle that has improved by combining the specifications of the SGT, and design of the S-8.
Become a popular brand of Meguro,s last motorcycle was sold until 1969.
1965 - ・Started selling type K2, 500cc model.
It was a two-cylinder OHV motorcycle specification based on the KH, Kawasaki has been newly developed.
Were sold until 1966 as the motorcycle brand of Meguro last.
・Prepared prototype X, 650cc model.
It was a two-cylinder OHV motorcycle that improved bore and stroke of K2, developed by Kawasaki.
Development has been the brand of Meguro, last motorcycle.
It was designed specifically for the North American market, has been further improved, as were sold from 1966 Kawasaki W1.
After that, popular as a representative model of Kawasaki, in 1973, we continued to the end of its production 650RS (W3) is the successor model.
There are still a lot of fans.

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Room S-8

S−8の部屋 "S-8 no he-ya"
(Type "Junior" S-8, 250cc model, Introduce my Meguro)
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I've been watching Meguro

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イベント参加風景 "Event sa-n-ka fu-u-ke-i"
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(All about, Meguro motorcycles.)
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history room of Meguro

メグロの履歴室 "Meguro no ri-re-ki shi-tsu"
(Document the history of the Meguro Works)
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"Rice shop in Meguro" number criminal (Corner posts from everyone)

刑事番”メグロの米屋” "Ke-i-ji-ba-n, Meguro no ko-me-ya"
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